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Mold is a fungus which helps in the decomposition of organic materials. However, its growth indoors is often unwelcome. Mold growth often accompanies a recent water damage event, such as a leak, overflow or flooding. Without immediate action, mold development can begin in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

Most homeowners may try to remedy the situation by using bleach or other cleaning products, but without the proper knowledge and equipment, this may actually worsen the mold problem. Only mold remediation experts are qualified to contain and remove mold and its spores the safe and efficient way.

ServiceMaster by Reed of Dothan, AL has a team of licensed and fully bonded mold remediation professionals who have undergone training under the latest industry practices and techniques to deliver excellent services to our clients. As a part of a national network, we are quick to respond to any mold emergency. We’ll assure a quick resolution that never compromises quality.

Contact ServiceMaster by Reed of Dothan, AL at (334) 712-1118 or connect with us online to schedule an appointment.

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With a rapid response in South Alabama from ServiceMaster’s Mold Damage Removal and Remediation team, floors, walls and personal property can often be restored to like-new conditions from mold damage. Our mold removal process is perfect for the South Alabama area and from the moment you contact us, you will be in the caring hands of trained mold removal professionals. Whether you are calling for advice on the mold removal process, general questions about mold removal in South Alabama, or services, our staff will give you the personal attention you deserve.

Health Risks of Mold

Structural Damage from Mold Growth

Mold growth can affect and compromise the structural integrity of a building. The mold Serpula lacrymans, typically found in wood, is a troublesome fungus that causes decay to wood building materials. Also called “dry rot”, this fungus can cause extensive damage depending on its amount, location and length of time present. Unattended damage from mold can compromise a structure and require expensive repairs or replacements.

Our Mold Removal Process Includes:

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Do you think you have visible mold or invisible mold? Schedule Onsite Mold Inspection Today

Let our mold inspection team at ServiceMaster by Reed assist you with any mold damage issues you may have. We can quickly diagnose your mold problem and fix it with state-of-the-art technology and the best industry practices.

Contact us at (334) 712-1118 or message us online to schedule an appointment. We service residential and commercial properties in Dothan, Alabama and the surrounding areas.

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