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Keeping Warm When the Power Goes Out

The 2021 Atlantic hurricane season has brought four hurricanes so far, two of which have made landfall in the eastern part of the United States. During a hurricane, there is a huge possibility of a power outage taking place due to downed powerlines and damaged electrical systems caused by flooding or heavy winds.

It could be difficult to deal with a power outage, especially in the middle of a storm. ServiceMaster by Reed of Dothan has compiled some tips to keep you and your family warm when the power goes out.

Prevent Heat Loss

Bundle Up

Use a Generator

Use a Candle

Identify Shelters in Your Community

Follow these tips to stay warm during a power outage. If a hurricane causes severe water damage to your property due to flooding, it’s time to call a professional flood damage restoration service provider in Dothan, Alabama.

Flood Damage After a Hurricane? Call Us Today

Don’t know what to do next? We do. ServiceMaster by Reed offers 24-hour emergency services for your flood-damaged property in Dothan, Alabama. We work closely with insurance companies, are certified by the IICRC and utilize state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning products.

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